The Product
Care Direct
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The Product

The Problem

Key Issues

Our research has identified key areas within the industry that are either out-dated or simply not adequate for today’s service users, family and carers.

The majority of current technology in the care industry is either antiquated or can often be near-obsolete.

Using separate devices can cause unnecessary anxiety for users.

With an ageing population, overstretched carers and busy family members, isolation is rising.

Our Solution


We think Care Direct works best as an all-in-one solution, but we know that everyone is individual, and different people have different care requirements, so we’ve made a modular solution that is easy to use and can comprise of:

The ONLY All-In-One Solution


The centre of all our products, our mobile app allows care professionals and family members to monitor, care for and interact with our users, and is available for Android & iOS devices.

All of our products come with the app as standard with no additional charge. We know that each service user often has more than one carer coming to see them regularly. Not a problem with Care Direct Technology – we can assign multiple carers to the same person, so they can be monitored 24/7/365 by your team.

The app interacts with all our other products, it:

Sends real-time push notifications to carers when help is required.

Allows carers to view the data collected from the home sensors, showing daily activity around the home and offering insight into daily living patterns.

Provides the configuration settings tool so that our products can be easily installed and tailored to the service user’s personal needs.

Integrates with the hub.

Smart Hub

Our SmartHub is at the cutting edge of voice activated technology. In screensaver mode, the hub acts as a digital photo frame and becomes a discreet way of adding an extra level of care to the home without an ugly eyesore on display. For users with visual impairments the hub can be a vital communication tool between them and their carer.

Activated by saying commands out loud, our hub allows users to reel off shopping lists which show up in the carer’s app straight away, as well as listen to the radio, ask about the weather, request a joke, dictate or type a text message or make video calls to app users.

Smart Watch

Wearables are big in the care industry, but most providers rely on old, outdated technology. We’ve taken the theory behind telecare and updated it for the 21st century. Our watch automatically detects when the wearer falls and sends an alert to the carer’s phone. This allows for much quicker reactions to emergencies, especially when used in conjunction with the hub or camera system.

The fall notification triggers a camera stream so a carer can remotely see if the user is badly hurt and even speak to them through the two-way microphone, meaning ambulances or support can be alerted by the carer much more quickly if needed. There is an additional SOS button that the wearer can press for the carer’s attention.

Our watch can also be used in conjunction with existing telecare solutions.

Additionally, our smartwatch can monitor approximate heart rate, count steps and set a movement target for the day, and remind the wearer to take their medication or to move around if they’ve been inactive for pre-set periods. It also serves as means to activate the hub and of course, displays the time! We’ve designed the watch with accessibility in mind.

All functions are spoken aloud by the watch, which has proven helpful for users with visual impairments and the large screen and simple interface benefit those with co-ordination difficulties.

Personal Alarm

Our wearable pendant is your support lifeline that gives you peace of mind that you’re being looked after wherever you are. This small device (about the size of a car key) can be put in your pocket, hung around your neck, or worn on your wrist. It’s packed full of important features to ensure your wellbeing and potentially save your life.

Features include:

SOS Button – Hold it down to trigger an alert to be sent to your carers. They will be able to speak to you through the device, as it acts as a phone with speaker in this mode.

Fall Detection – If you have a fall this device senses that movement and triggers a Fall Alert in our system, which also records the location of the device when this happens. If a fall or SOS occurs in your home our platform works with all the CareDirect cameras and sensors in your home to allow your carers and relatives to see what has happened and to take appropriate action straightaway.

Geofence Alert – For users who need assistance when in the community, carers can set up a geofenced area within the app and receive alerts when the wearer leaves the home or designated area. In tests this has shown to reduce the time taken to realise a vulnerable patient is on the move, limiting the distance they can travel before intervention. Carers can track the movement of the wearer should they need to on a map using GPS location, reducing family distress and the need for police resources.

Inactivity Alert – This wearable can raise an alert if there has been an unexpected lack of movement after a certain period of time.

Works Anywhere – All these features work wherever you are, inside your home or away from it. The device contains a pre-installed mobile SIM (using the EE mobile 4G network). Our platform subscription cost includes an allowance for the ongoing mobile network usage (reasonable usage terms apply).

No Installation Needed – Take it out of the box, charge it, easily register it in our system and use it straight away. No complicated setup required and nothing to install. All relevant configuration of the device can be done easily by relatives or carers through our mobile app.

Good Battery Life – Depending on the configuration the battery can last for days. And it’s simple to charge it up with the supplied magnetic charger or base charger unit.

This wearable device can also be used in conjunction with existing telecare solutions.

Indoor Camera

We understand cameras seem intrusive, that’s why we approach them differently to other solutions on the market. Cameras inside the home are only accessible when an alert has been raised in the event of an emergency.

Even in this instance only assigned carers or family members can view the camera feed, which is securely encrypted to prevent hacking. By working in this way, it allows carers to assess and respond to emergency situations much more quickly than traditionally possible, whilst still maintaining the privacy and dignity of the service user at all times.

Our indoor cameras can be remotely controlled by the carer to scan the room in the event of a fall and the two-way voice communication through a built-in microphone enables either party to call out to, and hear, the other.

As with all other parts of the solution, the camera requires a 4G or Wi-Fi connection. As per GDPR regulations, we do not store any video or audio data from the cameras on our servers and once the incident has passed, the camera stream is no longer accessible by the carer or anyone else.


Our home sensors work to give a better picture of what’s happening in the background of the service user’s home, for example, did they leave the back door open?

Discreet and easily fitted, our IoT (Internet of Things) sensors combine and send data to the carer’s phone at regular intervals, displayed in a simple information feed. Notifications are only sent when critical events take place.

These sensors are low maintenance, affordable and provide valuable information to provide early detection of behaviours and patterns as well as gathering granular data. All of our sensors are battery powered and will notify the carer via the app when the batteries are running low – no annoying beeps!

At present, our suite of sensors includes:

Door sensors that monitor when a door is open and closed and sends alerts when doors are left open for long periods.

Motion sensors detect heat movement relative to the environment, so carers can detect when users move around their home.

Air sensors give information about the temperature and humidity of the location, which can affect health and wellbeing when too high or low.

Smart plugs work with most electrical products that come with a UK plug, including kettles and toasters showing when the item has been used.

Flood sensors can be used to notify the carer of a tap left running, limiting damage caused by an overflowing bath or sink.

Combination Smoke and CO2 sensors are a space-saving solution offering carers early warnings of potentially dangerous situations in the home.


We appreciate that when you work in an industry as busy as care, it can be hard to find the time to keep a close eye on everyone. That’s why we’ve designed our Dashboard for healthcare professionals. A central point of information, it monitors multiple users at once, so you only need to look in one place to see how everyone is doing.

Giving a high-level overview of alerts and also providing an admin portal for onboarding and updating users, the dashboard is a key tool for the Care Industry.

Helping our users retain independence and reduce loneliness.

Full Feature List


Stream only activated in an emergency.

Find Me

Locate the wearer anytime, anywhere.


Send and receive instant messages.

Video Call

Make and receive video calls.


Receive alert notifications.


View the full day's activity.


Configure profile settings.


Play with friends and family.


Share photos and slideshows.


Listen to the most popular stations.


Dictate shopping lists to update app.

Voice Message

Dictate and send instant messages.


Have the news read aloud to you .


Be told a joke, we can't promise it'll be funny.


Activate the hub with your voice.


Displays and read time aloud.

Fall Detection

Automatic fall detection.


Geofencing controlled by the watch.


Steps counter for activity monitoring.

Heart Rate

Detects the heart rate of the wearer.


Configurable inactivity monitor.


Configurable medication reminders.


Raise an SOS alerting carers and family.


Report changes in temp and humidity.


Detects movement within the home.


Records use of electrical devices.


Monitors when open and closed.


Alerts when open for long periods.


Administration and set-up tools.


Visually impaired and accessibility friendly.