Care Direct
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GDPR & Privacy

Care Direct Technology is registered with the ICO and complies with GDPR guidelines. Individuals sign up to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and accept that Care Direct Technology products provide guidance only and are intended for use in addition to any professionally recommendations; it does not replace prescribed medication or elements of care packages. Care Direct products are not medical devices. Care Direct users also consent to their anonymised data sets being used for future academic studies to drive forward the understanding of the impact of technology used in the care industry. We make every effort to secure the privacy of our users.

Camera Access

Cameras placed in the users’ homes – whether as part of the hub or a standalone camera – are only activated when an event triggers them, i.e., a fall or when a video call is instigated. Only the designated carers or family members can view the camera feed when such an incident occurs, then once it has been resolved the stream is disabled and cannot be re-opened. This is to prevent ‘hacking.’ At no time is any video recorded or stored by us.


Service users, family and carers are required to link their accounts, which is done by an invitation to a personal email account. This limits the interaction that can be made with the service user to safeguard them against unknown people. Carers can interact with the service user or family without having to share their personal contact details.


The data collected by Care Direct Technology is securely encrypted by an AWS cloud server. No personally identifiable information (PII) is attached to any data stored. Each account is protected by a login and password which is encrypted and not accessible by Care Direct Technology.

Accreditations and Regulations

Care Direct is working towards ISO27001. Our products are all fully CE marked.

Care Direct – Connect & Protect

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